Looking for MSN Friends who are online often

I am looking for friends who are online often (like every week or more) or people who dont just abandon escargot.

MSN: grumpycatmsn@hotmail.com

Im pretty much on daily lol

I have it running whenever my PC is on.

theres a pinned thread for contacts already.
anyways i dont sign in much

Yea but when i friended people on there they were offline

Whats your msn email?

Whats your msn email so i can friend you?

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ClassicWolves@gmail.com i send you a FR. (Friend request)

Mine is: friend_rudy@hotmail.com

I’ve already sent you a friend req. :smiley:
And also, everyone, feel free to add me :smiley:


Hello you can add me : eren0101@hotmail.com
English & Turkish



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just added you