Looking for Msn buddies

Hey all,
I’m looking for Msn buddies. I am 30/f/aus… tigeresque_1986@hotmail.com…Please? I’ve got no one to chat to

I’ll send you a friend request but you need to accept it with butterfly msn just sign in on butterfly and a window will appear with my e-mail and friend request just click add as a friend and accept in any case this is my e-mail redthunder_blazer@hotmail.com :slight_smile:

butterfly messenger Butterfly Messenger | Jonathan Kay, MessengerGeek

When I click accept it freezes and all of my requests multiply


I can’t even add people

with normal messenger you can accept people but with butterfly wait at least 5 minutes in order to use it because it must be fully charged to avoid freezing :slight_smile:

did you get my invite?

yes and i send you a message on messenger :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m finally talking to Zaros

add me tigeresque_1986@hotmail.com

It’s done miss :smiley: