Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?

to procurando alguem para conversar no MSN brasileiro felipe.xavierforte2008@gmail.com add lá!

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feel free to add

Hello, it’s been a while. My name is A-ManWare. I am 16 years old and live near Lake Erie.

Here are my contact information if you want to add me:
Main account: aman9396ware@gmail.com
Secondary account: aman9396ware3@gmail.com (feel free to add me to this too!)
Phoenix AIM: AManWare

I use WLM 2009 (and 8.5 sometimes) as well as ICQ 6.0 (for Phoenix AIM)

I’m always happy to meet new people! I like to talk about everything! I’m always online from 9AM-10PM EST! So what are you waiting for? Add me and I’ll be happy to talk about anything you want!

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that’s how school system works in switzerland

It’s been ages since I last posted here, but my old account is broken when it comes to WLM '09 so I’ve had to start again lmao. Feel free to add me anyway, I need my friends back aha;

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Im Emanuel. Feel free to add me, i really like the good old days using MSN Messenger, and im in search of people to talk in it. Im 24 years old. I speak spanish (native) and english. I like old games like Snes and Sega, Super Mario…“old” software like W.XP…sports, martial arts, computing, programming basics…

I enter MSN most of days.



Add me please i need friends i just joined WLM 2009 / Escargot


Hello! I am 16 years old, looking for someone to chat with.
my msn contact address is: cliftonyarber@gmail.com.
I am not shy, and am open to talk most of time.

Spain, Madrid
English and Spanish

Turkey, Ankara
Turkish, English

Moscow, Russia.
Russian and English.

my email is windows99@clickonsomething.com and my nickname is MindL0ckAERO

If you want to play some games in WLM I am available or we can form a conversation

Email: s.auleduardocuellarhernandez@gmail.com

Excuse me, Spanish came out

United states lol.


hola a todos, busco amigos para platicar mi correo de escargot es: ricardoorozco.martinez@gmail.com saluditos <3, soy buena onda y abierto a muchos temas de conversación.

cinnamoroll hasen’t been on this forum for about 6 months.

eu estou sempre on!

obrbrend@hotmail.com add me to msn lol