Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Nicolas from Uruguay :uruguay:


Emm, pero posteá tu Mail, quién te puede agregar si no lo ponés



Agreguen :D!
Cele, de Argentina


Hiya, I’m Emiel. A 16-year old weeb shitposter who likes tinkering with tech. I speak Dutch and English. Feel free to add me at emielhardy@hotmail.com. :slight_smile:


Due to some thought, I’ve switched personal MSN accounts and now you can blabber at me at assholishkurt@hotmail.com.

The old Hotmail address will still be up, but for inquiries only.


Hi there, I’m “That Horse”, a 26 yo guy from Argentina. I mostly like to talk about world cultures and sharing mine, but we can talk about everything and stills ok. My english is pretty decent, but my mother tongue is spanish, so feel free to add me if u know at least one of them.

Como dije arriba soy de Argentina, tengo 26 años y me gusta hablar principalmente de temas culturales de otros lugares y compartir sobre mi cultura, aunque no tengo problema en hablar sobre cualquier otra cosa.


@Horse Emm, amigo, postea tu Email, que me imagino que te costó algo de tiempo poner toda esa descripción pero se te olvidó tu Email para que la gente te agregue :wink: de igual manera, bienvenido a la comunidad! :sunglasses: mi Mail es urdanetaa19@gmail.com


16 year old who likes to chat :stuck_out_tongue:


add me guys


Buenos Aires, Argentina, GMT-3

Add/agreguen! :smiley:



I know Swedish, English & Estonian. Add me :smiley:


Buenas gente.
Soy Medwar y mi msn es medbenet92@hotmail.com
Soy Argento y hablo en español and in english (basic)



Hello people! I am from Venezuela/Latin American :sweat_smile:
Need new contacts (Spanish and English tongue), feel free for anyone to add and talk :smile:


@Lord_Saturos Hola! te agregué, también soy de Venezuela paisano!, urdanetaa19@gmail.com es mi Mail de Escargot, hablo español and English :sunglasses:


Hey, my name is Martin.

I am from Estonia, currently 16 years old.

Interested in hip hop (I dance, listen to hip hop music, especially old-school <3), occasionaly play the guitar and make videos.

I speak English, Estonian and a tiny bit of Russian, Swedish and German. :smiley:



Hey there, I’m nulln.
I’m interested in gaming, development, and hacking.
Get at me on Escargot: nulln@protonmail.com


Agregen :sonriendo: nibadillortega07@hotmail.com
Antioquia, Colombia :smiley:


Hi MSN buddies!

My name’s Baptiste, I’m a 25 yo boy born in France, I speak English, Portuguese and French of course. Learning Russian now :smile:

Feel free to add me and chat, I’ll be super happy to! :slight_smile:

See you!


Eu sou do estado do Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil.


Add me tico59_6@hotmail.com i’m from Canada ( French part of Canada ) But if you’re about to never talk with me or never respond to me so just do not add me :slight_smile: …Because i noticed that many people do this here… :S

  • I speak French and English a bit