Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?




Im Spanish and talk English Very Well!
Add me!


hello. im looking for news friends and contacts, just add me jahney2010@hotmail.com
im from Brazil, but i can speak in english also. thank you.


add me also. jahney2010@hotmail.com


Hey, ik ben wouter ik ben 30 jaar oud, En ik zal het leuk vinden dat ik nederlandse mensen in mijn contachten lijst van msn heb, Want niemand van mijn vrienden willen msn meer, En ik zal het leuk vinden om met nederlanders te praten op msn, Wil jij mijn toevoegen op msn, wf.winkelhuijzen@outlook.com


add me Travcat@hotmail.com




Hello im Toni and im searching for Windows Messenger contacts, i can talk spanish and english. My email is tonibloger@gmail.com


Hi, you can add me like: kuellar94@gmail.com
Bogota, Colombia
My English is not the best but I can speak it.


I possibly listed here in july but


most of the time uses Messenger 8.5


Peru agregen para hablar XD


I’m sergio from brazil add me on MSN sergio.vilar.fernandes.dantas@hotmail.com


m8idfc@gmail.com , add me, let’s talk about doom and stuff


Hi all,

My name is Lajos, 30 male, im from Hungary

It is a pleasure to contact with anybody from WLM, and also i’m looking Hungarian people too.

My account: msn4lali@gmail.com

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Escargot: robante12@gmail.com (Yeah gmail on MSN Messenger xD)
San Miguel, El Salvador

Speak Spanish, and a little of english


me add sou do brazil undergroud_000@hotmail.com


Yucatán, Mexico
I can speak English as well c:


[Inglés / English]:

Hi. I’m Mark from Argentina. I’m not a professional "english speaker"
but I can defend myself. My favourite topics are “spiritualism”, “life’s philosophy” and all that kind of stuff. To be honest, we can talk about almost everything. Even Harry Potter.


I missed you, Messenger! :smiley:

[Español / Spanish]:

Buenas. Me llamo Marcos y soy de Argentina. Me gusta hablar acerca de “espiritualismo”, “filosofía de vida” y todo ese tipo de cosas. Siendo honesto, podemos hablar de casi todo. Hasta de Harry Potter.


¡Te extrañaba, Messenger! :smiley:


add me i speak greek and english


La Plata, Argentina (however I will be glad to accept English speaking people)