Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?

Reply to this topic with your Messenger account e-mail address so others can add you to their contact lists! You may want to add your location, timezone, spoken languages, or other details that might be helpful.

You’ll want to scroll down to the bottom of the list for the latest entries and you might consider re-adding yourself periodically so new people can find you.

For example:
Toronto, Canada, GMT-5

For contacts prior to November 2019, they can be found in the archive thread.

Anyone wants to chat? 8)
Add me on MSN Messenger
You can Add me!
Anyone up to chatting?
New here so how about contacts?
"Windows Messenger for Work" project
Who's online right now?
Hola!, Soy Nuevo En Esto
>Agreguen : picis_03_88@hotmail.com
Add br msn
Chat español :D
:,v hooola agregenmen.. plx
Busco amigos, aquí dejo mi correo
Hi! People to talk?
Faire des amis québécois(e)
Anybody online?
MSN 1.0-4.0 users, anyone wanna join my groupchat?
MSN Contacts
Searching New People to chat? Escargot and AIM Phoenix!
Searching New People to chat? Escargot and AIM Phoenix!
Agrega a nuevas personas! Add new friends!
I need friends please post escargot email
Hey! I need to relive the MSN message sound for real so
Please give me your emails so i can add you on msn i want to try it ;)
Lista/agregar contactos
¿Esto está muerto? ¿O sigue activo?
Contacts please!
I can't log in at 8.5
Please give me your emails so i can add you on msn i want to try it ;)
Argentino alguien para agregar?
Let's talk
Gente Hispana y que hable inglés, para añadir contactos y entablar nuevas amistades / People who speaks spanish or english to establish new friendships!
Who wants to have a messenger contact with me?
All memes with pantskat posted in Flixage topic
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Vamos fazer amizade meu msn é: julio.jfa@hotmail.com
Brazil 2020
Active Contacts
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Hey party people lookin for a cool chat :))
[HAS TO BE MERGED] Hey, Add Me Please!
[Needs to be merged] Add me to msn
SI a un usas Windows Live Meseenger en el 2020
Email msn add
"Failed to login into MSN Messenger services,please try again later Error Code: 80072ee2
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Me adicionem, bora fazer amizade
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Quien me agrega al MSN? bayo_ense@hotmail.com ARGENTINA
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Anyone to talk to on MSN?
[Needs to be merged] Does anyone want to chat?
[Needs to be merged] Add me to msn
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Vocês podem passar o email de vocês?
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Messenger latinoamerica
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Messenger colombia
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Write me lol
[Needs to be merged] Me adicionem no MSN (2020)
[NEEDS TO BE MERGED] Portugueses no MSN Escargot
Busco gente para charlar - ARGENTINA y Latinoamerica
[Needs to be merged] Adiciene para interagirmos! BRASIL!
Españoles Gays
[Needs to be merged] Oi pessoas 😊
[Needs to be merged] Deixem aqui o msn de vocês
Lima _ Perú Amigos [Needs merging]
Holiwis jeje
[Needs to be merged] I would like some friends to talk stuff in messenger :)
[Needs to be merged] I am looking for friends who speak Spanish
[Needs to be merged] Any Contact for MSN?
[Needs to be merged] Anyone wanna talk about old tech?
Conoceme y ageregame
Hola hablenme
[Needs to be merged] Adicione, por favor
[Needs to be merged] Add me on MSN/WL Messenger and talk me!/Añadidme en MSN/Windows Live y habladme!
[Needs to be merged] Chat Brasil. Me adicione, e Deixe seu contato abaixo
[Needs to be merged] Necesito que me envien un mensaje
Chilenos chilenas dejen sus correos
[Needs to be merged] MSN Italia - La Rinascita - 2019/2020
[Needs to be merged] Proucuro contatos para o Msn Menssenger
[Needs to be merged] Online users
[Needs to be merged] Who is online now?
Add me :) i dont bite
[Needs to be merged] I need Friends
[Needs to be merged] I am new add me
[Needs to be merged] Sou novo no messenger então
[Needs to be merged] Agreguenme :)
[Needs to be merged] Nora sepulveeda
Can someone add me?
Hey guys please add mee i need friends
[Needs to be merged] MSN friends
[Needs to be merged] ¿Buscas contactos interesantes? Pues yo tambien / ¿Are you looking for interesting contacts? Me too
[Needs to be merged] Alguém do Brasil?
[Needs to be merged] Cualquiera que hable español, agreguenme! ;)
[Needs to be merged] Someone to talk?
[Needs to be merged] Add me please
[Needs to be merged] Contatos atualizados para 2019
[Needs to be merged] Agreguen porfas :B
[Needs to be merged] MSN Español [Latam] PC Gamers
Add me im new!
[Needs to be merged] Contacto para hablar de cosas
Add me on WLM?
[Needs to be merged] ¿me agregais en messenger por favor?
[Needs to be merged] Hola soy nuevo y quiero recrear los antiguos momento s
[Needs to be merged] Nuevo en MessengerGeek
[Needs to be merged] Greetings, I'm new
[Needs to be merged] Hola soy nuevo y quiero recrear los antiguos momento s
Español - Eres activo? Añadime y añade a otra gente
[Needs to be merged] ¡Hola! agreguenme =3, Windows Live Messenger
Can someone add me plz?
I am back and stuff
[Needs to be merged] Charlar (SOLO EN ESPAÑOL)
[Needs to be merged] Agreguenme amigos:p
Agrega contactos en español 2019
Vale, este es el segundo nombre de esta pagina
[Needs to be merged] Deixe seu email aqui se vc for do brasil. Me adicione
[Needs to be merged] Jogo do add, msn escargot, me add!
[MERGE REQUIRED] Note: i was hacked so here's a new escargot email to add me
I 'm searching French friends and english friend
Add me if you want or just ignore me
[MERGE REQUIRED] Note: i was hacked so here's a new escargot email to add me
[Needs to be merged] Amigos brasileiros no msn
[Needs to be merged] Me add ae! igorsantana2005@gmail.com
Msn: andre30020@hotmail.com
[Needs to be merged] Quien me agrega a.herrera98@hotmail.com
Testando um pouco
New Escargot website finished!
[Needs to be merged] Criação de uma lista de contatos no idioma português
[Needs to be merged] Hoi hoi hoi!
[Needs to be merged] Brasileiro na área!
[Needs to be merged] Hi add me if u like too :)
[Needs to be merged] ¿Amigos? Agreguen
Me adicionem ;-;
Busco personas para hablar de
Busco personas para hablar de
Procurando por contatos
Sona fahmy
Anyone online to talk?
Looking for people to add!
Hola soy nuevo Comunidad Hispanohablante
Looking for german and english contacts
Quien Quiere Ser Mi Amigo
Alguien que me agrege a wlm
Desde Mexico
What's a Xat lol?
Messenger Colombia
Agregeme quiero chat
Agregeme quiero chat
Agregeme quiero chat
Agregeme quiero chat
Soy un niño me gustaria probar wlm agreguenme
Contacts add me
Reunión de viejos amigos y socios
My escargot email
Hola colombianos
Nuevo aqui!
OLÁ pessoas
Hoola soy maximo, soy de argentina, tucuman
Hey! I am new here :)
Quien me agrega mi correo picis_03_88@hotmail.com
Holii! Soy nueva
Hey im new here , Add me :)
For new users
Hello, Escargot MSN/WLM users!
Heyo. Just looking for msn contacts
I'm new here! Looking to make new friends <3
Alguém para conversar?
Deja tu mail y conoce gente asi los nuevos tendran gente para hablar (ojala lo fijen xd)
Messenger emails
Podem me Adicionar?
Español or English añadanme/add me on MSN
Gente que hable español :))
Add me msn!
545 online users?
Add me Friend boys :D
Nicolò Barducci
Brasileiros aqui 🤘
Looking someone to chat with
So heyy chat with me :)
Add me Friend boys :D
Plz add meh in msn
I'm new! Feel free to add me!
Any active users please add me
Location of Escargot users (chart)
[UPDATED] Location of Escargot users (chart)
[Needs to be merged] Quien quiere hablar
[Needs to be merged] Buscando personitas!
Someone's alive?
Por favor, Me adicione no MSN (escargot)
Busco a gente para hablar en messenger
Someone for chat?
Add me on WLM Messenger! I will make a party chat (Windows Live Version)
Me adiciona
Add me on MSN Messenger
Furrys Hispanos y Latinos y por supuesto juegos en PC-Wii-WiiU-PS3 online xD
Anyone want to talk?Add me: windows2000user@hotmail.com
Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to? (Archive)
Looking for contacts
Español gente intesada en hablar

Hello there!
I like to talk about technology, computers (old and new) and videogames, among many other things. I’m open to interesting conversation topics.
Spain, GMT+1 (CET),
I can speak both Spanish and English fluently.

¡Hola a tod@s!
Me gusta hablar sobre tecnología, informática (antigua y actual) y videojuegos, entre otras muchas cosas. Estoy abierto a temas de conversación interesantes.
España, GMT+1 (Horario Central Europeo)
Puedo hablar fluidamente en español e inglés.

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Heyo, my email is somethingentirelynewhere@gmail.com. I’m looking for some friends to chat with while on downtime, i’m not the most social person but i feel like it could be fun.

I like Gorillaz and Persona a lot, and I’m always down to play games or whatever really.

(I’m 19 and from the U.S)

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Oi procuro contatos, de preferência meninas.
Português, Espanhol, Inglês e italiano.

mi e-mail contact for Messenger. elbigotess88@hotmail.com

PS: pls everyone add me and send me a message

Looking for contacts!
I’m from somewhere in Italy, I speak ITA/ENG :wink:
here’s my contact: sim.trent@libero.it

I’m 22 and F. Québec, Canada. I speak French

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you are like me!

Montreal, Quebec - English, Italian, French

Hola, soy nuevo aquí tengo 24 años
Español / Ingles

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yo, im weird as hell.
im american, 17, & i speak english.
i like music, video games, cartoons & animals.
im also like, wicked shy but i try my best lol.



USA, CST, English

Hey everyone! It’s awesome seeing that MSN has such a huge fan-base. I love talking with open minded people and finding similar interests in how we all grew up. I meddle in technology and always love to hear new music. Shoot me an add! :slight_smile:

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Kungälv, Sweden, GMT+1
Swedish, English
Age: 24

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Hi, i’m Chris!
Buenos Aires, Argentina
English and Spanish! :heart:

Agreguen, inglés y español.

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Mexico, i speak English, Spanish and a bit of Korean.
I like everything related to 2000s-2010s nostalgia.

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Hi! new here.
I’m Indonesian, speaks english :slight_smile:

Temuco, Chile