Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?

mexico, 8 anios.

hola@matias.im - 29 / argentina / english+spanish

all around nerd, software developer, music lover, won’t bite unless asked nicely

Hey ! i’m french and english + spanish
alfox.vpw@gmail.com Add me :slight_smile:

Northumberland, England, UK. GMT.
English / Español

Hey, add me if you’re old enough to have been raised on MSN.
until.the.end-x@hotmail.com (old msn email, oh the nostalgia)

I speak french, english and programming.
Have a good one.



Beaucoup de centres d’intérêts, n’hésitez pas à converser, je suis tout le temps connecté. :wink:

Yo, 19 yr old from Switzerland here! :smiley:

I haven’t used MSN since 2010/2011 and man… this brings back many memories holy shit.

I’m chill with everyone and I like to talk about anime, games, all sorts of stuff ^^


(Repost & update)
Male 23y old (24y old next october)
From: Marrakech, Morocco (UTC/GMT+1)
Speak: English, french & arabic

Hi! I’m 21m from the USA. My MSN email is eliashodge@msn.com
Feel free to add me! My timezone is GMT-5, I hope to be on sometimes.


Rocío, Argentina, hablo español y un poco de ingles :smile:
Sientanse libres de agregar, quiero conocer gente que al igual que yo sienta nostalgia por los años de msn ^^


Hola! Hi! Hallo!
Mi correo es egrendimol@gmail.com
Valparaíso, Chile (GMT-4)
Puedo hablar español, english und Deutsch!
Sería genial mantener conversaciones nuevamente en msn!! qué nostalgia :slight_smile:

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English and Spanish

Valdivia, Chile

hey add me, iamletts@hotmail.co.uk

love to chat ;)x


Bs AS. Argentina…


Hello.! mi msn is medbenet92@hotmail.com i speak in inglish and in spanish.

Hola! / Hi!

Agreguenme para revivir la gloria! / Add me to bring the glory back to life!

From Argentina with Love. :heart_eyes:

Me gusta hacer música electrónica, escribir, diseñar, desarrollo web y me gusta cocinar / I like to make electronic music, writing, designing, I do web development and I like to cook

Nos vemos online! / See you online!

Add me -> luc.temet.nosce@gmail.com :smiley:

my contact point@hotmail.com
Moscow, Russia, MSK
Russian and English

Ok, let’s do this :slight_smile:
Romanian and English