Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


I had to make a new account for this because I kept on forgetting my other accounts, anyway; if you wanna add me (for some godforsaken reason), just add me on willcyranojones@gmail.com


hola te agrego xq estoy interesado en aprender ingles


add g


Portugal, GMT
Portuguese and English (the latter thanks to long years of meeting british people in MSN Messenger :stuck_out_tongue:)
Feel free to add me!


I had to change my email, so I’ll update my info:
Italian, English, Chinese

I’ll also reimport all the contacts from the old account so that those who added me before won’t have to do it again.


bonjour voici mon adresse tocquealexis@gmail.com

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je tes ajoute


I’m backkk add me nuntinee_namphueng@outlook.com


Anyone from Tunisia here ?


hey i’m giuliana. I can speak English, Portuguese and a bit of German. I’m looking forward to making new friends :slight_smile:

my msn is giugiu_lindinha@hotmail.com

add me :smiley:


agregame! hablo español joelriverapadilla@gmail.com


Canada, english jacksonv2506@gmail.com


add me on msn 1.0 varleychan@hotmail.com


hello World! i came here to see those nostalgic things on MSN, i killed a yearning! but it is good that it is working again… i will send my e-mail: aeon@ti.com to anyone who can add me, it will always be a pleasure. i’m looking forward to making new friends :smile: here is Brazil.




Sweden! faxic86@gmail.com


Me latin america



33 male
Speek English,Japanese,Chinese, a little bit russian




Haay ^^ i am Kimmy,nice to meet you,if you want to add me on msn messenger and help me make many lovely friends add me at succubus14@email.com