Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?

You can’t retrieve your old contacts as they don’t exist, this is a new server including contact lists. You have to add new contacts.

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Unlike other services that have gone down, Messenger contact lists have been preserved on https://outlook.live.com/people/ and https://web.skype.com, all one has to do is sign in with their Microsoft account. Even prior Messenger categories/groups are retained in outlook.com and you can export them.

So the data is there, but getting previous contacts to create new accounts on escargot is another matter.



Thanks for your response Andrew. That’s kinda sad, but I think we have to move on. Cheers!

Thanks Jonathan, will try to do that. Wish me luck. Tah!


I run a really bad forum adventure here. I also do volunteer work for an online game archival project.

rxphalange99@hotmail.com :slight_smile: i’m at college. none of my friends fancy getting MSN back haha soo looks like I’ll be needing some ppl to talk to! i’m interested in a lot of things, music, technology, things from the 2000s etc. :slight_smile: i speak english and french.


Gente que hable español agregueme porfis :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Mas que nada hablo tonterias sin importancia en messenger, tengan en cuenta eso.

virusmadness@hotmail.com agreguen español, feel free to add i speak english too

riccardochucky@gmail.com Italian


Hola, soy de colombia y de habla español, agregame para ponernos al dia y recordar viejos tiempos :shushing_face:

hola puedes agregarme pg618025@gmail.com


Hola a todos, agreguen para platicar un rato :stuck_out_tongue: soy de mexico.

add me on msn hellsinginterviews1@gmail.com im a voice actress from Iceland :slight_smile:

I like tech stuff and gaming
I speak portuguese and english

Buenos Aires, Argentina, GMT+3
English, Spanish


Et je suis Francais !

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Je vais t’ajouter !


i added u :3