Lookin' for deviants to chill with.

What’s good, everybody out there! :wave:t6: I’m currently in mah early 30s & I’ve been bored & lonely for ages evah since I’d only got 2 years of college & I stayed off campus for several years. :yawning_face: Nowadays, I’m still off campus.

I’m available on MSN Escargot & DA. :wink: I go by da username, “ S1ck-Genius ”.


Main email: msulph@hotmail.com

Escargot email: rapidmike@escargot.chat

I’m hopin’ to find some MSN Escargot members who use DA. I wanna hav some fellow artists ( & writers ) on mah contact list. I wanna show dem mah characters.

To MSN Escargot members who use DA: Yo, everybody! I’m available on DA. Feel free to add me. I’ve got some hella $1ck :metal:t6: OCs to show y’all if you’re interested. :wink:

Yo! Anybody?