Look at this a error with old msn support


Now you can log-in on WLM?

yes but an error with Old msn support comes now and i cant log in

Lol, it’s a conflict.

yes but how to Fix the conflict

Is on server i think, only @valtron can see this.

yeah But where is valtron?

Can either of you explain more about what you’re talking about?

I have “old msn support” enabled on my accounts and they sign in fine on WLM.


yes Could You can Fix it now!

Make a conflict with old msn support

He can log in normally to WLM. But when he leaves the “Old MSN Support” option enabled on his account, he can not log on to Windows Live Messenger.

Reseted and changed pass
I will make a Results when i Will reseting and Changing

Thank you, I understand.

I just reset password/changed the Old MSN Support option about 5 times in various configs and I can’t reproduce this at all. Which either means this is just a workaround for another problem, or the password is just wrong.

If the username/password is saved and it’s being changed when you switch this, it would be worth telling Messenger to forget them and then restarting Messenger entirely, as there have been issues with that before.

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i reseted a Pass and i am back to wlm 8.1 Thanks everyone
Its fixed

talk with me?


talk with me? zrioziin?

Yes. Send a message.

you are offline now. but Could you sign in to be online?

I’m online :stuck_out_tongue: