Logon msn 1.0 poblem

Hello I’m trying to get on msn 1.0 but I’m having trouble entering, someone could help me

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Did you try putting your credentials in like this ‘emailname|password@domain.com’? it doesn’t matter about what goes into the real password field. all you really need is the password in the box where your email address goes. Let us know if you still have trouble with signing in.

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another msn 1.0 user!!!

add me if you like



Yes and that’s the problem his style is confusing

Even putting it that way it still gets error

hmm, did you download a pre-patched msn messenger? if not the msn messenger won’t sign in with escargot. instead it would need to use the msn switcher program. Here are the links to both the download list and the msn switcher. select which one you want to use. :smile:

to “patch” MSN older than 5.0, edit the registry and change HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MessengerService\Server to m1.escargot.log1p.xyz

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If you don’t have hotmail account so you will try install MSN 2.0 first and login, then you can install MSN 1.0 and it will login.