Login Error 80048823

Hi there,

I’m new to Escargot and in general a noob on computers. Would be grateful for any advice!

I tried to download a few different versions (9, 8.5, 8.1 + the older one which requires a merge). I have Windows 10. MSN won’t login on any of the versions, I keep getting error code 80048823 (wrong ID or password). I checked the firewall settings on the computer, and unchecked “remember me” as someone has adviced here before.

Are there any other solutions to this?

These were the steps I did:

  • Registered on Escargot with the preferred email and password
  • Downloaded patched version
  • Run the installer + the “RUN_AFTER_INSTALL”. For the last one it then says “This application may depend on other compressed files in this folder. For the application tu run properly, it is recommended that you first extract all files”. (Should I extract?) Then I just clicked “Run” and “Patch all”.
  • Tried to login with the same email and password from Escargot (this is also the same email and password as an existing Windows Live account)

Another question (not relevant to the above):
I’m curious to know if you can login to the old MSN user from back in the days through Escargot. Or does it need to be a new user? I read somewhere that you could find your old logs if you saved them back then…

I’m normally using Mac, so not too confident on Windows. Appreciate any help.

According to the error list, 80048823 means: Your password is either incorrect or is too long. Maybe your password is too long, or you are accidentally mistyping it?

Might be… I tried several times though, and changed the password as well. I’ll be trying on another computer today, that one was just one I borrowed so I don’t have access to it any longer. Let’s see if it works out!