Little kids are annoying as hell and R&R is killing this forum


First point: Just look at @Leo_Historias and @Informatic_Star / @GreenStarYT .
Second point: The raw and random section is cool for some things like relaxing your mind with meaningless text that doesn’t need you to be thinking to be understood (or just make you laugh), but when you do ANYTHING in excess, bad things happen (I have my eye on you, @Megadeth58 ).
Look, this website is one of my fauvorite ones, PLESASE don’t let it die with all your bull$#¡t :frowning:


You got the wrong one, it’s @GreenStarYT doing the reviving thing IIRC


Thats true


lemme check that…


I think he has 2 mg accounts. @GreenStarYT and @Informatic_Star


I don’t think Infor is Green tbh


Taking this into consideration…


You are wrong



that was 22 hours ago


I know


I have a solution!

But, i should tell you in Escargot. You know, JK may be triggered if i tell you here.

(PS: Just add me if you want to know)