Lithuanian water bottle is strange somebody is, spying on me :s



Why do you make shitposts every day? You kill others.


And it is so boring nowadays. Can you stop please?


Mg is dying nobody is, posting someting fun so.?


If this isn’t entertaining you at the very least, then I don’t know what will. More (overblown) WLM 2009 hype threads, I suppose? :unamused:

(Also, #RandR exists for a reason)


I did not want to hurt you but a many shitposts like share your recycle bin, your internet speed, your text bar decoration etc. and this… I think it is an Tech forum not a Glass Show. I am so triggered nowadays from these posts like after old leo posts. Maybe only me that idk. :thinking: If it is my bad then sorry.


raw and random is for things that is not relacted to Messenger , but this … is related to nothing in this forum


I get that some of the #RandR posts are useless and not entertaining, but you have the ability to either ignore them, or even mute the whole category, instead of acting out on the threads you so dearly hate. Who didn’t think of that? :open_mouth:

And I thought this was an IM forum. Doesn’t mean that general discussion isn’t allowed here.


I have an opinion, u also have opinion.


It’s not dying.



You did a triggered photo from a cute dog … SAD




I love the msn shitpost


Because its raw and random


my bottle not spying on me


Because it doesnt have a guy