List of clients the server now supports after the huge November 15th update

WLM 8.0.0363 until 8.0.0683
WLM 9.0 until well you know… WLM 2009

Yahoo 5.x


I am so glad to see it being released. it is so nice, admirable hard work.

how can i patch 8.0 betas

Using the same method you use for any other client. Which is at

but studpe doesnt have importme :frowning:

wlm 9? i thought that wasnt a thing

you are improperly following the instructions.

Cant find importme button >:(

It was a very early 2009 beta with mpop and custom log in sounds

i followed the instructions but yahoo still wont connect, all it does is the purple void and say a message saying incorrect password or username

Update: It looks like builds 8.0.0363 until 8.0.0369 work on the server, but builds before 0363 don’t work due to encrypted RST.