Library and steps to connect with escargot

Hello guys, I’m asking to you witch library, prefferrable for .NET you can use to connect to escargot Messenger server.

I want to create a small public group client, that work for a group of Friends. like, you send a message to the contact of the client, and instantli it sends that message to all of the other users that have added to the group user.

Is like the old imgroups wevsyte, but mutch simpler.

This is because the lac of Messenger of have public groups. or do you know if currentli exist a development to have public / joinable / configurable groups in Messenger?

OK, I found this, but I have to test it to see if i can use it to connect to escargot. Witch is the newer MSNP that supports escargots? and the entry points of the server? to see if i can change somethin on the library to connect to escargot instead the old ms servers.