Lets talk about Windows and MS-DOS!

everyone who used MS-DOS or Windows, please lets talk about all Windows and MS-DOS versions as we known and we used to share our experience and getting a time of entertainment!

PS: I used all MS-DOS and Windows versions because of virtualbox, but the first OS I used was one of the best versions of Windows for me: Windows xp.

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Windows XP was pretty okay, i guess. I didn’t had internet when i used it, and the old PC broke sometime between 2012 and 2013, sad, i moved to Windows 7 there, and i screwed around a lot with VPC 2007.

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Well when I was a young kid I used Windows xp, then in 2007 I tryed Windows vista, it was horrible, then I tryed Windows 7, I love that OS like Windows xp, then I tryed Windows 8, worse than vista, then I tryed Windows 8.1, at least it wasn’t usseles, I actually have it in my laptop because not enough memory for Windows 10, then I tryed Windows 10 in my best pc, it was great too!

my favorites are xp vista and 7 and i despise 10 with a passion


when i used windows xp, it was shit, when i used windows vista, it was great, when i used windows 7, it was meh, when i used windows 8, i didn’t use it, when i used windows 8.1, it was great, when i used windows 10, it was shit

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And what about MS-DOS or Windows 3.1, does anyone try it in a real hardware? Or into a virtual machine?

i have used msdos and you can use it yourself right now, just press Windows+R and type in “cmd.exe”

Yes that’s true, cmd.exe runs the MS-DOS 8.5(last version)!

i used windows 3.1 in a vm to play doom

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But you can try using an usb, running rufus and then format with MS-DOS or FREE-DOS. That is another way to use MS-DOS on real hardware!

I’m actually running it(at this pc) with virtualbox :stuck_out_tongue:

it serves no practical purpose nowadays other than maybe bios updates, everything else you can do from cmd

I like cmd, I usually use it to make important things

windows 98 is the superior of the windows 9x line


i think me is good because i never had problems with it and also had some new features that are handy

my 9x line top 3

  1. 98
  2. me
  3. 95
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It was fine, and I still having the manual, the floppy disk, the installation cd and the start here cd. I take great care of the components

I think that Windows ME has lots of mistakes so I considerate it one of the 3 worse Windows Versions ever

yeah 9x be like
step 1: boot from the floppy to a mini msdos
step 2: insert installtion cd
step 3: type: cd D:\ (or whatever drive letter your cd drive is)
step 4: type: setup.exe

my worse 3 is
3. windows 95
2. windows 1.0
honarable mention: windows 3.1
1, the worst ever: WINDOWS 10