Lets talk about ok

ok ok ok ok

ok ok

ok this is getting outta hand

Lets talk about… (which means whatever) Invasion ?

ok den

in 2018: “share your”
in 2019: “lets talk about”

what will be the next trend in 2020? :thinking:



since i already started an ok meme on the forum (and some discord servers i moderate) ok

Ok, now it seems that everyone is making post about “lets talk about (anything)”

good job you have joined vesselcraft in starting a major trend on the forum

I’m doing ok, how about you?

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im ok too

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that’s great

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I’m ok too!

rant war war nt ok

OK is great!!

SoundDrout: Why you should be unbanned
Me: O K

Okay then, what are we talking?


his last words, before he got banned.