Let's talk about nothing!

Everyone who did nothing, please lets talk about nothing!

i got nothing on my birthday. atleast its better than nothing

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Is this about my post of “lets talk about MS-DOS and Windows!” and others? I don’t like that the people

I don’t like people who laugh at my posts. Seriously. IT IS NOTHING FUNNY!

insert nothing
(fuck <p>)

your three posts*

calm down homeboy its just a reference to the like, 4 posts made just now

anyways when i did nothing i felt nothing so that was pretty dull

I made just 3 and I still keeping calm, I’m just saying that making a mockery of one or more interesting posts is disgusting, it can make anyone feel bad and it’s also not FUNNY

ok but what about the time you did nothing, thats what the post’s about

You know what I’m going to do next day???



i did nothing today, later i did nothing, and then i did absolutely nothing

i know i did nothing today. but i will be doing something tomorrow and as the rules clearly state that you can not talk about anything i will not be appearing on messengergeek tomorrow.

Fact some programs think that null (nothing) is the number 0.


I did nothing. My soul is nowhere to be seen, I am in nothing, am I dead?

(bruh ofcourse not)

the true nothing