Lets talk about 2020

next trend im going for “how to”

That idea of Lets talk about was mine! and now they have launched Railworks Train Simulator 2020!

I’m personally pretty excited for 2020. Not really because I have anything cool planned, I just think living in “2020” sounds cool lol
i hope there’s a Y2020 freakout like Y2K


Probably only with software that never bothered to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

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it’ll be about a month and some days from now

If I arrive in 2020 alive it will be fine

tell me ur address so you wont arrive :3

In 2020, Windows 2000 will be 20 years old!


no, Windows 2000 was released some days before 2000, I think so. Else yes, it will be 20 years old

epictaco can stop violating coppa in 2020 lol

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It was released to Manufacturing in 1999 but was released to the world on 2000 if i’m correct :stuck_out_tongue:

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Opera2 rebrands in 2020

January: Jetix Play
February, March, April, and May: UTV (1993 for 2/2020, 1996 for 3/2020, 2000 for 4/2020, and 2001 for 5/2020.)
June: Spike TV
July, August, and September: TVNZ (1994 for 7/2020, 2004 for 8/2020, and 2016 for 9/2020.)
October: RTP Canal 1 1995
November: Star News (2001)
December: RTP2 (with Star Chinese Channel colors from 1995)

fuck coppa lol

dude watch your profanity you’re 12

What the fuck is this? Oh dear… Azeem is back with his logo shit.


both DeviantArt and Windows 2000 is going to be 20!

actually, windows 2000 will turn 20 this year. its rtm came out in 1999