Leaving The Forum (Kinda)

So after the shitfest that has gone down over these past 2 years of being on this forum, I decided it’s time to leave. My account is going to be here for those of you who liked my posts.
My main reasons for leaving are:
School is really fucking with my schedule and free time
This forum has gone to hell and back
and nobody visits anymore
I might visit on the last day this forum will be in operation or something
But thank you to all of you veterans who have stuck around, remembered me, and looked at this post. :slight_smile: If you wanna see projects I’m working on, or more stuff from me in general, then I suggest checking out my latest and greatest project, https://velvet.epizy.com, my Twitter, https://twitter.com/TailstheFox2008, and my YouTube, youtube.com/channel/UC5JEeLehmtcSHarXLSlu5MA. If you’re still here, have fun and goodbye. :cat2:


We’re waiting you back :slight_smile:
Good luck.

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rip etika

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