Leaving Discord and MG for a while due to the Blue Whale challenge

Recieving any messages for the Blue Whale is not good. Ignore anyone who complains about Blue Whale. It is a illegal suicide challenge, and in 2018 Roblox was denied in the UAE cuz of 2 children that commited suicide.

UPD: i found a RecordTV news report about him being arrested, but police is NotSoSure™️

Link: https://recordtv.r7.com/balanco-geral-manha/videos/suposto-homem-pateta-e-preso-pela-policia-internacional-01072020

i even told my discord server to avoid this and i put to scan my messages

blue whale challenge, more like blue bit-- challenge

if you really just wanna stay safe, never open links from people you don’t know and don’t talk to anyone that you don’t know (apparently?), remember that behind the screen is a person and they too can have malicious intents.

again, he does not use ip grabber websites (like grabify) he grabs directly with discord so just by accepting his friend request he already got you

also before asking that “uH dIscOrd IS sUpEr SaFE hOw wOUld hE dO tHaT”

uh, read this

suicide challenge

I included this

yeah… ok i guess


Despite your popularity, you are…dead


I don’t think so this is an existing thing. I bet it’s just a trend theme nowadays “again” in media, community webpages and etc.

As I know the last level is kill yourself. (Do not do that, I’m just mentioning lol), or if you don’t do that they come into your house to “visit” your parents. So, I don’t think so somebody will buy a planet ticket to come from US to Hungary. How they even know who am I and who’s my parents? :thinking: They don’t know if I don’t share my personal information like my address, name, my parents name and etc. They follow with black cars. It’ll be too expensive lol ~1000$ maybe.

In my opinion it’s almost same like few years ago the My talking Tom and My Talking Angela. Everybody talked about it, but after few weeks, years and nowadays nobody talks about it. Anyways I have no idea how an application animation can view you. A random person views 1 million people in same time from his home? :thinking:

Easiest way, do not visit unknown, unsecured webpages. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is my opinion. There’s no reason to fear.


Holy crap, I remember when this happened back in 2014/2015.

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your litterally saying that same thing, how would they get my location just by sending a message

i even myself made a token steaker once

and this is the last day my mom will let me use discord & mg, so, i guess goodbye for now atleast

Did you even watch the video? This BW challenge thing is FAKE.

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he is litterally one of those persons who belive discord has maxxed out security, but you’re wrong

again, read post 2

I can’t even believe any of this hacking shit.

I’m pretty sure they’re just lying so that they look cool or something.

This post got unlisted. Nobody cares anymore. The end.