Leaked Yahoo! Messenger 9 Placeholder Dialog ;)))))))

Randomly decided to sift through Yahoo! Messenger 9’s resmsgr.dll resource DLL. Found this.

lol. Yahoo plz. :wink:

(I would’ve put this in the Yahoo! Messenger category, but this thread is a little too humourous to fit in there)

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what they gotta do, add filler/sample text
sure i would use Bob’s whizzy gadget, but if it’s just ActiveX support… then i don’t know…

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Actually, from further inspection, it’s part of a list of functions that a plug-in can do typed up in separate labels that it assembles for any plug-in that uses those Yahoo! Messenger function(s).


interesting… well. with being smart, you can make things like this, knowing me, variables was used for Name and Publisher… and Flags for Permissions

ur names bob? :0