Late-2012 iPad mini lasts longer than Late-2020 iPhone 12, dafuk?

charged the ipad mini like 2 weeks ago, only used it for 3 hours after it charged, then it sat idle. it’s at 69% (don’t you dare say “nice”).

charged the iphone 12 like 2 days ago, it decharges faster even when idle. mfw

now i know that the ipad mini is larger than the iphone 12 so there’s more battery capacity, but shouldn’t the ipad mini barely last a day with it being this old?

hell, it even beats my galaxy a50’s battery capacity by 440 miniamps.

this is why i hate those memes on youtube shorts (i don’t use tik tok) where they claim that both nokias (proof?) and samsungs last longer than apples. Speaking of Samsung, I own the world’s worst Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery, with it being not able to last a day (due to shitty battery optimizer apps i installed as a kid back in 2016, they were long since uninstalled) despite it being larger than the iPhone 12’s battery.

dont even get me started on the galaxy note 7’s battery ;-;

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and why we should care about this? stop posting pointless threads please.
this is a forum about msn messenger. seriously.



@trekie are you sure you only made this forum for msn? :stuck_out_tongue:

last posted message in august



actually yes

if it is about msn then why do the other categories exist

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nooot anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shhh don’t say bad things about my iPhone 12

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mfw we both have iphone 12s and we are both canadian

this forum has essentially turned into a bbs

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Lets date and see what happens

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bro stfu

good job