King/RoyalGames Game Archive


cant really see the logo through all that clutter


eh we could just fuckup a html page with a script to get a random image


shit, might remove the little fuckers off to the left side then


King Neue


well atleast you found the rare ad border template, lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah man, I just screenshotted the WLM “ad” at the bottom and removed everything


double lucky, since it’s 1:1 perfect size


oh really? nice


What’s up, I got a few more games.

  • The Biggest Loser! We got that working, I shit you not I found a version on the Wayback Machine, so uh FUCKING YAY

  • Uno. Legit just the card game

  • Deal or No Deal. Win a million bucks or die trying.

  • Liquid LMNTS. Shitty name, shitty game.

Nothing new on Luxor or Zuma. Got the flashvars for a King game, which might help.



Time for an actual update.

I mean, not like we’re missing out, it’s a DDR clone

  • Also Cake Mania 2 works, first licensed game that was released outside of King to work :slight_smile:

Anyways that’s all the new shit, will yeet them into the dropbox later


OpenGameServlet.xml (4.6 KB)
now to post this to the flashpoint discord and hope it works


So anyways