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cant really see the logo through all that clutter


eh we could just fuckup a html page with a script to get a random image


shit, might remove the little fuckers off to the left side then


King Neue


well atleast you found the rare ad border template, lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah man, I just screenshotted the WLM “ad” at the bottom and removed everything


double lucky, since it’s 1:1 perfect size


oh really? nice


What’s up, I got a few more games.

  • The Biggest Loser! We got that working, I shit you not I found a version on the Wayback Machine, so uh FUCKING YAY

  • Uno. Legit just the card game

  • Deal or No Deal. Win a million bucks or die trying.

  • Liquid LMNTS. Shitty name, shitty game.

Nothing new on Luxor or Zuma. Got the flashvars for a King game, which might help.



Time for an actual update.

I mean, not like we’re missing out, it’s a DDR clone

  • Also Cake Mania 2 works, first licensed game that was released outside of King to work :slight_smile:

Anyways that’s all the new shit, will yeet them into the dropbox later


OpenGameServlet.xml (4.6 KB)
now to post this to the flashpoint discord and hope it works


So anyways


November update

  • Escargot Spaces group because I’m going to shove this down your throat til you fuckin puke

  • Once upon a time, there was a game called Dice King Solo that showed up for one day in the United States and never returned. It works in a projector but not in JPEXS, the only thing that’s wrong about it is that there’s no intro text

  • Luxor doesn’t work yet

  • Neither does Zuma

  • Bejeweled 2 and Chuzzle work but the text is messed up, it’s all placeholders or UNDEFINED

Also I got more games into Flashpoint.
What’s Flashpoint, you might ask?
They archive Flash games, but not just Flash games, Unity Web games, Shockwave games, HTML5 games, Java applet games, hell if it was online at one time and it was a game they’ll archive it.
Website below

  • Website (be warned, it’s a bit of a large download)

Next update coming whenever




Sometimes I go back into the thread during the first posts and I vomit because I thought it was a problem with the SWF when King games didn’t work and not the fact it used JS and POSTing