Kik kiks the bucket

I never understood what Kik was doing. They seemed to be artificially limiting themselves (no PC/web support, limited superficial partnerships) without any sort of business plan or way to get their product to earn income.

Interestingly, kik is local here and I interviewed for an IT job there a couple of years ago. Nice enough people although I’m not particularly fond of businesses who never bother to communicate back that you didn’t a job. (In particular ones where their only product at the time was communication.)

Funny part is, early last month I got a notification saying that the job I had interviewed for years ago had become available again, and my thought then was that the person who had got that job had seen the end of the company coming and bailed. Which appears like it was probably a pretty accurate assumption :stuck_out_tongue:.

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rip in pepperoni

Last time i used kik was in 2016. Kinda useless

an end to pedos in speedos

And now everyone’s moving to Telegram :frowning:

Kik was terrible anyways.