Just something fun I created


After finding Messenger Reviver I became overwhelmed with so much nostalgia that I just couldn’t take it.

I did a bad thing, I made a tumblr. It’s just a fun place for Msn and computer related things.

I made a simple pack for downloading and installing Msn Messenger 2011 with MsnPlus and a skin ( Includes Reviver).

I did give credit to Jonathan, and I just can’t thank him enough.

I didn’t create this to take any credit for what Jonathan is doing rather to try and spread it. I feel this blog helps bring that Msn feel to people who don’t want to download it again or aren’t sure if they want to yet. It’s just supposed to be a fun place.

You can check it out here http://msnressurection.tumblr.com/

Please leave your opions on it, I’d love to hear what you think!


This realy looks nice.
But does it still connects?

How did you add those wlm2009 emoticons to wlm 2011 / 2012?
I realy want these old emoticons back.


reviver now only it works on msn 2012 but you can install plus and have custom emoticons