Join my mc server
minecraft 1.7.x - 1.15.x

why are you using aternos


did someone seriously fucking click that, its an ip for a mc server not a website

well they did

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There, fixed

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NEWS: Moving back to aternos, The ip is and the versions are 1.7.x - 1.15.x, but the server is running on 1.13.2. It’s down atm for a map reset and behind the scenes changes. Sorry about the tiny bump also :blush:

Aternos? That won’t last a hour!

Here are some rules i made

  1. No cheating or hacking
  2. No being toxic in chat
  3. Don’t grief other players builds
  4. Don’t be transphobic/homophobic

I’m too lazy to port forward, so i’m using aternos.

Coming online!


For some weird ass reason, its not accepting any connections, trying to diagnose the problem/

Imma see if downgrading to 1.12.2 works

1.14 or no deal

nah 1.14+ runs like shit on my computer

in windows 10? 1.15 runs like shit in 7 but 30 fps average in 10

thats a computer hardware thing not software