It's time for goodbye

Hello everyone, it is not for being pessimistic, but I must say sadly that under my point of view and my interpretation the second era of MSN unfortunately has come to an end technically, because I say it because I see that as time passes they arrive as always more users, but personally I always have the same number of users connected since 2019, hopefully I reach 5 of hundreds of contacts that I have in my account, because it could be said that the year that was the most active The second era of MSN next to this forum was 2018, I am sorry that I was very excited to see that MSN returned, but unfortunately people are not very excited, I mean first because of nostalgia they return but then they leave and I find that In my opinion, a lack of respect for those who strove for this great application to return, and as one of the active users told me here, bringing a version back is a great job, but I say it will be worth it for the great majority ía of the people only return for a few days to the social network and then they will be ignoring what it cost to revive this great social network that brings us so many good memories and that until today several of us appreciate ?, I really don’t want to be Pessimistic but I think that the second era has already had its golden year that was 2018 and now I doubt very much that it will have a large number of active users again, personally I will continue to connect to MSN until the last day this server works, but it gives pity because this is like reliving the year 2013 when he left, it was fun all this while it lasted, personally I tried to excite people of new generations so that they wanted to try something new for them but it did not work, well anyway, I say goodbye Of all, even the Messengergeek forum I see it since it is not the same as before, for those who have dedicated work to this I congratulate you for taking the time on this for free, but I think that unfortunately things must be let go, the s social networks are like a human life or a human species, they have their time and then for new times they are no longer adaptable because they already had their cycle in this great space that is life, to end I recommend you continue using telegram which is a excellent social network much better than whatsapp and that has many things even improved MSN, greetings to all, take care and it was a pleasure to revive MSN and I think it’s time to say goodbye again and thank you very much to all who gave their free time for free to remember this beautiful application that will always live in our hearts and minds.


The last major version of Messenger was almost a decade ago, and even that isn’t even in use at the moment. Messenger now is just a hobby and I wouldn’t personally expect anyone to use it long term. It’s sort of like expecting someone to play the same game over and over.

This is my overall preferred client too, I’ve even started making animated stickers :slight_smile:

Anyway, take care of yourself Dark and thanks for the message. See you around :slight_smile:


See you @Dark! I will miss you!