Its ironic that alla of these people came after the Shutdown of Official Microsoft Servers

I was talking with another old member from here and we’re telling that its tragic and ironic that all of these people came after the shutdown of official servers back on may 2017. i was that valtrons post for private server begun gathering people

the question remains: where all these people were back on the time that MSN was still operating with official msnp21 servers?

I was one person who was on Messenger back in the day, both with my original account (that I lost due to entering it on a fake Passport login page, but the address still lives on as my Escargot address) and with the current account I have.

Here where I live, Messenger used to be the most popular IM service, before WhatsApp took that spot after the announcement of the discontinuation of the former.

umm ok then?

I was here since… 2016 i guess, maybe 2015 with msn reviver… but i didn’t know about this forum

i have been here for 2 days XD

i’ve been here since the shutdown of microsofts wlm servers

other than that ive used it a few times back in my 2011 days

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been here since some date back in 2016 (didn’t know about the forum) and i installed WLM and i had no friends so i even unistalled it.

In August 2017, i did come back and i DID find the forum
and finded out that Messenger Reviver 2 got discontinued…

and then i installed escargot and maked a LOT of friends

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btw im not grammar nazi really lol