It'd be cool if we had like a new Escargot Spaces thingy

I never got to use Escargot Spaces and the idea may sound bad in general, but i think it’s pretty cool and I really want someone to make a relaunch or a new version.


Personalmente intenté tener mi blog en escargot spaces. Pero nunca logré publicar nada, había un error de base de datos o algo así. Luego de eso despareció :frowning_face:

Escargot/Butterfly Spaces in its current incarnation before it shut down was a (lazily) skinned multisite WordPress site not offering much else aside from what WordPress normally offers (plus groups, but those weren’t anything special either). I had plans to recreate Escargot/Butterfly Spaces from scratch in place of the WordPress version with custom features and more of a focus on MSN style-wise, but with the decline in usage of the site, especially after the rebrand (this was because Escargot’s focusing less on MSN and more on generalized frontends that can talk to each other, which is still happening btw), me and Michael decided it wasn’t worth it to keep the project going and that it was best to shut it down. And right before that eventually happened, I had only drafted some of the database schema and finished like 1-2 pages for the new Spaces. Anyway, IDK about anyone bringing it back themselves, and considering how Escargot/Butterfly Spaces did months before it shut down, I doubt anyone would. It’s also been two years since it was seriously talked about, so I believe most people that are active on the forum these days don’t even know what Escargot/Butterfly Spaces was at all.


Hmm yea.