Is posible run MSN Messenger in Win 95/3.11/NT Workstation 4.0

is possible to run in win 95 win 3.11 or winnt workstation 4.0 msn messenger

Definitely not, 3.11 is 16-bit, and 95 and NT4 can’t run it, their too old.

AFAIK MSN 5 was the last official version to run on 95 and possibly NT4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I didn’t know.

nt 4 can run msn 1.0 i just tested that

actually i gotten msn 4.6 to work on both nt 4 and 95

and 3.11 is 16 bit well if win 3.11 was 32 bit this windows should run msn messenger

no, the oldest client (1.0) still needs windows 95

No, it did work, bruh install NT 4.0 and try it