Is it safe to go on the Aim Phenix site?

The title says it all.

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what dangerous in it?

AIM Pheonix got hacked about a month ago. It is probably clean now but there probably isnt anything on it. There was a leaked database on it i think. Probably some other stuff too.

Secure service lmao

Indeed. It was running on Windows Server 2003. What a way to ask to get hacked.

basically they should’ve been updated the server to 2019 🤦

Good job. Why not windows 2000 server or windows nt 4.0?

it’s super simple
not even using a vps, just using server 2003 without knowing xp and server 2003 is dead and insecure, especially if they used smb 1.0 or something although i don’t think they used that

It’s cleaned.

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