Is it possible to revive the metro version of skype?



i have that same problem with some virtual machime, but why is servers are down?


Microsoft discontinued this release


was there a metro version of MSN?


There was never a Metro version of MSN, I don’t think. On Windows 8 there was a messaging app separate from Skype that connected to Messenger, but they discontinued that so it no longer works. It wasn’t branded as MSN or Windows Live, it was just called “Messaging”. I used to use this version of Skype a lot a few years ago, and it wasn’t laggy like the regular desktop version. It would be cool if it was revived, but I’m not sure if that is possible. There’s a new version of Skype called Skype Preview for Windows 10 but it won’t log in for me anymore.


I was searching and this showed up


I admit I never used this version in any significant way to recall the implementation to give a complete answer, but by definition, WinRT (Metro) applications need to be able to be suspended, or otherwise stopped at any time.

So for an instant messaging/VoIP application, that means the work of staying logged in and notifying the device of new messages/calls is all handled by the server, then that server will notify the client by the operating system’s notification service that it needs attention, which can then allow the user to start the application to take action.

With that in mind, I think it’s extremely unlikely this could be made to work, as I’m fairly sure that the required server infrastructure has long since been removed.


now i know why its removed.