Is escargot down?


i cant login, whats happening?




just came back online, downtimes should last around 5 minutes.


its still off to me


yeah it’s offline for me too




@Megadeth58, @PajamaFrix:

I logged into my Messenger 4.7 account before, so thats how i know i am online.



Even Windows 10 won’t log me on:


we need to do it. we are gonna do it.


somehow stayed online for the entire time, normally get the “You have lost connection to the .NET Messenger service. Retrying in (time)”


@Megadeth58 @PajamaFrix It’s working normally here.


n ta funfando pra mim




we need to make it


make what? a connection to Escargot, or a Status page?
1st one, no lol, totally you
2nd: no, whats the point of that? updating it constantly, when downtimes only last 5 minutes (for me, normally).


It’s down for me too, hopefully it’s just temporary.


no it’s not a update.


I can’t log in either. Is there any problem with the server??


i haven’t been able to log in for the past 5 months


rip escargot, or, rip my account.