Is escargot discontinued?

I believe escargot is dead

You can’t log in?



I can’t even go to the MSN escargot site

When i try to log in it spits out “81000306” error code

is your password over 8 characters?

at least if escargot does die (hope it doesnt), there are similar IM services revived, like aim. or someone could do what you did (bc escargot is open source) and make another server

Yup, but i didn’t have any problems before

Let’s just hope that it didn’t die.

edit- Now when I try to log in it spits out 80072efd error code

UnU no ahora ya no podre ablar con emos

oh, if your password is more than 8 characters, msn glitches and wont let you log in. it has happened to me a lot because of that

Are you able to log into your own MSN ?

how about ask OhHello about it?

The web page is down, they might be having issues, hopefully they get it fixed it soon

I’m facin’ a similar issue. I’m fearin’ it’s a server error. :frowning:

Error code: 80072ee7

just monitoring a web node. maybe it’s server error. maybe it’s do special

Ok I know what’s going on

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