Installing Windows XP x64

Hello… I wanted to try Windows XP x64 but i have a question. How i can do that? There are no native SATA drivers… only ATA aka IDE. What i can do? Also… why when i start the setup the pc shuts down

XP does support sata drives,the issue here that it doesnt havd the driver so you have to intergrate the sata driver with nLite.

or load it with a floppy disk / cd with the drivers on. nLite can integrate the drivers just fine though. By the way don’t expect updates or even for it to activate properly. XP is long gone.

The activation servers are still up,mind you they just upgraded the servers to TLS 1.2 since 1.0 is EOL simce June 30 2018. You can use the proxy that i wrote earlier here. If it somehow fails to activate on the internet option you can always call MS to activate it

Yeh but what the OP could do is install a virtual machine and use the XP 64 bit ISO to install it. Then what they could also do is not update it or activate it just play about with it. No need to install it on a live system really these days.

People can do whatever they want to be honest, it’s their pc we can’t control them…

Don’t I know that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t read peoples minds so idk :woman_shrugging:

You saying we can control them then? How do I know you can’t? I can’t read your mind. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

P.S no unfortunately i’m not going to use it on my main pc because… it’s not supported since 2014… This was only a nostalgia project i was doing :stuck_out_tongue:

What hardware ?