I'm working on something cool

im interested


Closed beta access users who have been accepted atm are:


You will receive your accounts for Windows Online 2019 soon. I will DM you on discord. If anyone else wants Closed beta access, I am accepting people who ask within the first 24 hours of this reply.

Appledoo your discord thing isn’t working, it won’t let me add you

I am also interested in it, but don’t expect me to be a regular there.
My Discord tag is in my profile, but I’ll write here because it would be “”“faster”"" to do: lh11#6714

I think im gonna create a discord server for closed beta access, hang on a sec lol

Yeah sure, why not.


I also want to test it.
icanttellyou#5786 on discord

@lh11 @Gugu_Fdfd @icanttellyou I have sent you friend requests on discord, I will send you your account details soon and im also currently working on fixing the activity feed bug too lol

To get closed beta access, join this discord server https://discord.gg/8EUZaEX
The Co-admin is @penguin001 (eper98)

I will be continuing with the closed beta access accounts tomorrow as I gotta rest but for now if you really want to join the closed beta, make sure to join the discord server https://discord.gg/8EUZaEX and I will be adding more tomorrow in the evening :slight_smile:

“Want closed beta access?”

i NEED it!.html (89 Bytes)

If ya want it, make sure to join the discord server so i can know who wants to become a closed beta tester https://discord.gg/WAfzK56

your html file has this


lol wat