I'm working on something cool

Introducing Windows Online 2019

its made using a lot of things, there is a web version and I am working on the app version too. Its gonna have social networking and its very own messenger. It has dark mode too. Its coming March 2019. I will be making closed beta sign ups available soon.


Woah that looks sick!

looks nice
is it a real program or a concept?

It’s the Web version and there is an app version that will look like that soon too so it’s web/app not concept. It’s real :slight_smile:

Wont you have legal issues? Since Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

It will be trademarked as WindowsOnline not Windows don’t worry :slight_smile:

Won’t you still have legal issues?

If so then I will open up suggestions for a new name but til that ever happens (if it happens) it will remain as WindowsOnline otherwise I might trademark it as MSNOnline or WinOnline :slight_smile:

MSN is trademarked by Microsoft.

I searched WinOnline on Google and…

I will probably call it Doors Online then or Doors Live and Doors Live Messenger, feel free to give me name suggestions if that’s the case lol

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ok where is the web app? :stuck_out_tongue:

Want me to send the link, you can’t log in or do anything as all you will see atm is a coming soon page as it’s only open to admins rn for testing. Want closed beta access?

I’m hoping to get rid of the sub domain but since it’s still in testing I won’t bother with it for now, the site is https://WindowsOnline.000webhostapp.com/


Alright cool, I will send you your beta access later today as I have just woke up and it’s 9am in the UK so I wanna have my breakfast and relax for a bit lol

ok :stuck_out_tongue:

For now as you wait, I think I can tell you the currently found bugs

In dark mode, some areas remain white.
The profile area has a bit of a fucked up layout and it’s awkward af so I need to fix that.

Those are the currently found bugs lol
I also need to figure out how to get this beta access thing to work, dw Ik how to get it working as I have done it before. Also it’s supports PWA so if you are on you mobile you can turn it into a Web app.

Is there any way to private contact you?
Like discord (my discord is eper98#2221)

Yh I will add you on discord, I’m BossTronPie#7332

Add me on Discord.