I'm using Macbook and i wasn't able to download MSN!

Can you please help me about dowloading msn in macbook ?

What version of macOS do you have? If it’s 10.15 Catalina than there’s no way you can run WLM on 10.15 unless you downgrade to 10.14 or bellow

Why not? Just install wine and run wlm via wine.


catalina dropped support for 32-bit apps, wlm is a 32-bit app.

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WLM is a 32-bit app, but running it under Wine shouldn’t affect its compatibility since it’s just a compatibility layer itself.

App running under compatibility layer <> Native app


Now i am so confused. :thinking:

Simple. Wine is a compatibility layer that emulates Windows calls in executables to translate them into something macOS will understand. Assuming Wine is agnostic to architecture, a 32-bit Windows application should work under Wine on a 64-bit macOS system.

It looks like Wine for macOS itself doesn’t work on Catalina and the devs have been pulling their hair on maintaining a 64-bit version. Doesn’t exactly confirm that WLM itself wouldn’t work if Wine was 64-bit compatible though.

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Thank you for explaining.