I'm making a new project


Please don’t sue me, the software will be ready in some days, maybe?
Also, the project talks about services, and @yellows111 and @Maigol are working on it with me. Also probably @Compuser will test.

INFO: I just changed my thing, i’m not reverse patchou any more!


Stay calm, nobody here will sue you :stuck_out_tongue:


will have wlm 2009








Do you want a sneak peek?

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Ok, here’s a sneak peek of the login:

Also, the services are absolutely better than the old Death’s Life project.

Planned release is today, so please PM me your desired username and password since the register system doesn’t work (yet).


omg comic sans.


My favorite font doesn’t deserve to be used this way tbh


Hey, @Nintel why do you hate it so much?


It’s aliased!! ALIASED!! Comic Sans shouldn’t look aliased when it’s that big!