"i'm good at making lore for bands that don't exist" - me

Ticks and Rats

  • duo punk group that formed in the 90s
  • had mainstream success with their debut self-titled EP
  • released 2 albums
  • drummer shot himself at a concert in 2002, unsurprisingly causing the breakup

notes: where I started making stupid lore from “band names”


  • metal band that formed in 2004
  • didn’t write much else for this

notes: renightmare is a furry comic. it is infamous, don’t read it.

Party Trick

  • disco band
  • released 4 albums, 1 ep
  • landed top 10 hit with a cover of Stayin’ Alive
    • was featured on their third album, “Party Trick”, more commonly known as “the green album”
  • broke up in 1981 after guitarist goes missing, presumed dead

notes: brought this up to my friend, said it was a good party trick, wrote this as an example.

Shitting Into The Earth

  • formed in Portland, Oregon in 1999 as progressive rock duo by Robert Dobert Kobert Nobert Gobert (real name Robert Whitney) and David “Filthy” Moyer
  • after realizing playing synth, guitar, and singing at the same time was nearly impossible, Robert DKN Gobert hired a bassist in February of 200
  • group became a punk rock band the same year, becoming infamous for their crude and political lyrics; “the Dead Kennedys of the 2000s”
  • released 7 albums and 1 EP
  • original drummer, David Moyer, left in 2004 due to creative differences and a particularly nasty incident at a concert at which 2 fans were injured
  • band goes on hiatus in 2008
  • only time they have reunited was for a one off concert at the Whisky-a-Go-Go in 2012
  • Past members;
    • Robert “DKN” Gobert - guitar, vocals (1999-2008)
    • Rodney Ramer - drums (2004-2008)
    • Devon Brown - bass (2000-2008)
    • David “Filthy” Moyer - drums (1999-2004)

notes: friend wrote the robert dkn gobert part, thats why I added the real name

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sounds awesome, I should name my son like that.

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