I'm finally back

I can finally say, after 1 month and 17 days, that i am finally unbanned from MessengerGeek!
It’s been a long time since i have seen you here, it’s been like ages!
Anyway, i’ll try to be more active from now, i have plans that i want to take for my existing projects.

That all said, i want to say a few mentions of who has helped me during the year…

I really want to thank those people who have helped me during the time i was banned,
overall they have been a source of ideas, suggestions and help.
I have probably forgot someone, but don’t worry, i’m trying to remember and i’m not
ignoring you :stuck_out_tongue:

That all said, have a nice day!


Welcome back

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welcome back :stuck_out_tongue:

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welcome back, don’t do cock and ball torture again

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don’t fuck it up
go by my words
don’t fuck it up

welcome back from the death

Welcome back! Just make sure to not get into trouble, ok?