I'm dealing with the classic Windows Live Messenger Error

Problem description:An Error message during instalation of Escargot Windows Live Messenger 2009 appears, and cancels the instalation.

Error code/error message: “An error occurred while attempting to instal one or more critical components. Setup will now abort.”

What has been tried so far: Restarted the PC, Tried to install the Escargot version of Windows Live Messenger 2009, Installed Windows Live Messenger 2012, Uninstalled Windows Live Messenger 2012, and cleared installation folders.
Messenger version: 9.0.

Windows version: Windows 10 (Home Edition).

have you installed windows live essentials? if yes, uninstall it and try again


Yes, I’ve uninstalled it (Not all the programs: I use Windows Movie Maker, for example), tried again, and the same problem persists.

It worked! I had to uninstall ALL of the Windows Live Essentials 2012 programs for Messenger 2009 to work. Thanks!