If you want a new Razr

Motorola is doing an promo if “Get 2 pay 1” for their smartphones as its mothers month

I dont know if im too late bcuz plainrock got 2 it was like yesterday but eh


3 days left get it ASAP

why dont anyone want it? foldable phones are expensive af the the pric with this promo is litterally a steal

foldable phones are a pointless gimmick to me, i still prefer my mid-range samsung phone (which is a generation behind, damn), even then, i’ll switch to apple in a few years from now.


That thread’s just a giant ad.


my grandmom and some older parents i have (dad, grandmom, etc) do like old flip phones, and…

yes, thats a secret mode of the new razr

some people dont have spare money to spend on things like these during a global health crisis

especially not $1,500