Idea: Windows Live Support Site

as you may or may not know, I love all things Windows Live, especially Mail and Messenger!

This morning, I had an idea. Why not share my love of Windows Live with likeminded nostalgia freaks and retrophiles by launching a support blog for Windows Live products like Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger.
The site, which will be called “Keep it Live”, will be geared towards the blind, however sighted people are just as welcome to come along. My posts on the site will primarily focus on Mail and Messenger, since they’re most usable to me and I’ve had more experience with them than any other WL product. I might allow others to contribute, free of charge, to the site as well. I know there are probably loads of these sites out there, but I don’t think one more will hurt. Besides, How many sites have us blindies in mind? Not a lot, I can tell you now!
Let me know your thoughts on this :slight_smile:


link please

Can you come up with a better title, then?

I have this: “Keep it aLive”

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Yeah, that’s good.

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Preferably, I’d like to have the word “Live” or “alive” in the name, since it’s about Windows Live.

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Yes please

I just need an idea for a title, unless everyone’s happy with Keep it alive.

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