I think it's solved

In a post @vriskaserket wrote about commiting s…e, I had a conversation with this user and I’m afraid about what happens to him. I hope that doesn’t happen again.

No idea, he has mental problems… I somehow still have a hope to live even tho I am lonely…

As there is ~7 hour time difference between the two of you, he likely went to sleep. I wouldn’t worry. It’s very kind of you to keep him company, it can make a big difference.

Although not a new problem, mental health, depression, loneliness, etc. is especially bad now. Good reminder for us all to be as courteous as we can and to be thankful of every day :slight_smile:.

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i went to sleep, i still have mental problems, but i no longer want to die


i think i know the reason why i don’t have any friends

because i’m different. you see i’m autistic AND NO IT’S NOT VACCINES KARENS

I swear to god if I hear another Karen look at my disorders, and when I took my last vaccine, and they say “AHA! PROOF!”

no worries im autistic as well

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa finally

I am also autistic, but I am with a mild degree

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I am alone and I am bisexual

image image

No one cares

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