I remade the Microsoft home page of 2001

And no:
1- This is not a rip.
2- I’m not making fun of @Nojus2001 nor bragging that I have skills that he doesn’t.

It was finished in about 2 hours (with laziness & distractions included)
Also, it’s not an exact replica, but it’s preety close :slight_smile:


-Maigol :3


text too large

70% zoom fixed it, but… is it 60%, who knows man?

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Considering you have done it in two hours, it looks good!

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Oh i forgot to say this is riping too

u sure about that?
check the html & the css source code :wink:


Oh tah Recreated my migol eh? Riping!

umm no. Look and compare ““your” “remake””'s HTML code with mine’s

right-click anywhere and select “show source code”

Oh, and in case that you still don’t believe me, I was recording my screen while I was doing it

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Mine looks more original

maybe because is a blatant copy from the Internet Archive?


You think i can make something.i revive some websites .not make

Excuses excuses…

Still, that isn’t a valid argument, because what @Maigol essentially did was recreating the website being based in diffrent sources and correcting what was wrong. You just took the page from the Wayback Machine and called it a day.

U dont understand why i redo this ftom archive.org because i like xp

According to the WayBackMachine’s website, your website does not look like the original, @Maigol! To be honest, far from it! Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20011031191137/http://www.microsoft.com:80/

Dude, it’s not supposed to look like that. I made the page’s design responsive so it adapts to different screen sizes.
If you zoom-in in the archive version and compare again, you’ll see that the elements are almost identical.
Of course there were some details that I was too lazy at the moment to make :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. You were too lazy :wink: The only thing that was responsive, was that the content followed the size changes (like you said). A remake/remade of something should be better and more polish, like my redesign of the Steams website (check the second image below… I never finished the design), or just the same as the original website design.

That’s what I meant in the first place

Well, at least it’s preety close to the original and most important, it’s not a rip :stuck_out_tongue:

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