I need some challenges

use MS-DOS 6.22 for a day

that’s a good one
* me dying inside *
but can I put sum win3.1 pls???

good idea, then use windows 3.1 for a day lol
but i would recommend 3.11 if you want internet

ok then

if you want to find software for it:


read homestuck in one sitting

8000 pages

use internet explorer for 2 days

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nice :stuck_out_tongue:

what about using windows xp for a WEEK ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Easy challenge for me atleast :smiley:

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pffft too eaay… WHAT ABOUT WINDOWSXPStarter? Or Windows2k
(aorry aaps)

Windows 2k for a week is painfully easy, as a matter of fact, i’ve done most of my work for a week with windows 2000.

okay xp starter

install gentoo

real men use mbr indeed

install XP RTM in a VM, then install every service pack and every update after SP3

Sounds interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m currently doing that

try Windows 1.0 (the very first Windows version) I have downloaded it somewhere years ago, but I can’t remember where was it.